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If you sell your house before the home you are moving into is ready, we offer full service packing to help you move and organize your belongings in a timely matter. We will store your belongings for up to two weeks and then move them into the new space.

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Some ZIP Codes covered include: 48906, 48910, 48911, 48912, 48917, 48823, 48824, 48825, 48864, 48840, 48842, 48854, 48837, 48821, 48822, 48820, 48879, 48872, 48848, and 48808.

Lansing, East Lansing, Okemos, Haslett, Holt, Mason, Grand Ledge, Dimondale, Eagle, DeWitt, St. Johns, Perry, Laingsburg, and Bath. We also work in the Greater Detroit area, as well as Grand Rapids, Flint and everywhere in between.