Five Moving Tips For a Local Move

When planning a local move it can be every bit as stressful as an out-of-state move.  To avoid feeling overwhelmed, you will want to stay organized and on task.  Below is a list of five tips for a local move designed to help you plan a stress-free local move.


5 Life Hacks for Moving Fragile Items

You have an upcoming move and you are a little apprehensive about packing up your breakable belongings, rest assured we got some life hacks for you. If you plan to pack yourself, you should consider following these 5 simple life moving hacks for fragile items that will keep your valuables safe.


How to Create the best Moving Timeline

Let us help you create the best moving timeline so you can stay organized for your move. If you plan to move anytime soon, you may be feeling overwhelmed about the moving process.


Tips For Moving During a Michigan Winter

Here are some tips for moving during the winter in the Greater Lansing Area. Most moves in Michigan happen during the months of May through September. So, if you move during the winter, you can find some really good deals and availability.  However, moving during winter, especially when there is snow, is not without challenges. Below are a few cold weather moving tips to consider.


The Ultimate Lansing Moving Day Checklist

Moving in Lansing and surrounding areas is a hectic process, and trying to get organized for moving day can seem impossible. How do you pack up your entire home and move it to a new house in a reasonable time? It’s a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be impossible.

Having a moving day checklist to follow can help make sure things go smoothly and keep stress levels low.